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Testimonial From a Recently Completed Project

We used to live next door on a 9 acre plot in a brand new Georgian style house. 10 years after moving in it became obvious our neighbours were planning to move from the countryside in to the local town and the opportunity for my wife and I to build our own home was too attractive to pass up!


From first discussing the purchase of the plot with our neighbours to moving into the house was a period of 3 and a half years.

Roughly 12 months to achieve planning permission, a further 13 months to do detailed design and appoint the Contractor and then 17 months to build. The build programme was typical of similar country houses.


We first of all did a Pre Application to our local planning authority. This proved to be a good move and we finished up with a much better looking house because of their very positive contribution. We first of all applied for planning permission for the house, then the garage and accommodation and then to move the property entrance position. Each of the applications were successful and taking around 2 months each time.


We started construction at the end of January 2022 and finished in late June 2023. We were going through a period in the construction industry when late deliveries were widespread but our procurement strategy ensured all deliveries turned up on time.

NT Surveying

I have a very senior background in the UK construction industry and therefore understand the absolute importance of appointing a Client PQS, at least for the procurement and construction phases of the project and preferably earlier. Any project manager appointed on the project should have good commercial skills but that is entirely separate to what a PQS provides.

Most country houses will have a build cost in the millions of pounds and not having a PQS is foolish. In a world where construction pricing and delivery periods are unpredictable, NTS set out the processes needed to give all parties confidence in the project outcome.

The procurement strategy determines the outcome of any project in terms of programme and cost. We had no late deliveries on our project and costs were very well controlled.

I have worked with the partners of the largest PQS companies in the UK construction industry and can confirm NT Surveying know their stuff, and their experience on country houses is second to none.

Everything they do is carried out thoroughly, and they more than paid for themselves over the course of our project, particularly on groundworks and all the monthly valuations.

Unforeseen things happen on every construction project and it was very reassuring knowing NTS would fully understand and control the project costs.

They work collaboratively with the whole team including the Contractor, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone thinking about building their own home.

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