N T Surveying Ltd
A Salisbury based
Chartered Quantity Surveying Practice
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N T Surveying; Stone Quoins

"Nick is an exceptionally gifted Quantity Surveyor, managing to find that elusive balance between professionalism, pragmatism, realism and optimism but all with a good nature that makes him a pleasure to work with... I never have any hesitation in recommending him.." Director, Affinity Architects 

NT Surveying Painted Brickwork

"It has been a pleasure to work with you and I have very much welcomed your calm, pragmatic and valued approach..." Head of Property Projects, Windsor Castle

Rows of Classical Columns

"My project has been such a wonderful experience... I would not have enjoyed it so much without you on my team. I am now a firm advocate of quantity surveyors and advise every friend I have who contemplates a large project to find a good one, though I fear they will not be fortunate enough to meet anyone as kind and reassuring to work with as you are" Private Client

"We worked with N T Surveying on 2 very different projects simultaneously and had excellent results on both.  The main project was our principal residence, a grade 2 star property on a difficult site in a market town, whilst the second was a modern beachside property, requiring two very different contractors.   The main works for projects fell in 2020/2021 which was an incredibly difficult practical environment with lockdowns , uncertainty on supply and labour, cost issues and even a supplier insolvency. Despite all these challenges NTS remained on top of the programming, tendering, cost management and managed any overruns. Without them we would certainly have incurred significant additional uncertainty, stress and cost.  We couldn't have anticipated how difficult the projects were going to become, but NTS gave us confidence in our negotiations and provided invaluable project management and solution-oriented advice with our main and sub-contractors. Their sense of humour, professionalism and practical advice ensured that we remained sane during the projects and achieved the result we were looking for. " Private Client

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