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N T Surveying Ltd

A Salisbury based
Chartered Quantity Surveying Practice
providing a personal service



N T Surveying; Stone Quoins

"Nick is an exceptionally gifted Quantity Surveyor, managing to find that elusive balance between professionalism, pragmatism, realism and optimism but all with a good nature that makes him a pleasure to work with... I never have any hesitation in recommending him.." Director, Affinity Architects 

NT Surveying Painted Brickwork

"We embarked on the construction of our “dream home” with much trepidation so the appointment of a good QS was our top priority. Nick’s personable and professional demeanour stood out from the others so his appointment to the project was an easy decision. Nick was able to guide us through the complexities of house building with an honest and practical approach, explaining each step in a way that we could understand.  At times we felt quite overwhelmed at the enormity of the task, yet his extensive knowledge and kind support allowed us to feel confident about the many decisions we had to make.  With his calm and exacting attitude and the meticulous way in which the work was executed, we could not have hoped for a better QS on our team.  Thank you so much Nick" Private Client


"My project has been such a wonderful experience... I would not have enjoyed it so much without you on my team. I am now a firm advocate of quantity surveyors and advise every friend I have who contemplates a large project to find a good one, though I fear they will not be fortunate enough to meet anyone as kind and reassuring to work with as you are" Private Client

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